Friday, August 23, 2013


 Ah A1GP all over again, no seriously -

 A European group called World Series Operations with links to the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport in 2005-09 and subsequent attempts to relaunch the championship is known to have put forward plans for a winter series under the IndyCar Global Challenge banner.

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 Boy would I love to see this happen. Andretti is in support of this, which shouldn't surprise anybody. 
 They took over the Team USA A1GP operations and ran it in 2008 with Marco, Charlie Kimball (recent winner) and J.R Hilibrand.

 Clearly there is some interest in a winter racing series. GP3 runs a series in Asia in the winter time, mostly in the middle east. A1GP is where the idea for a winter series in modern times was born and did very well. In fact when the merger between IRL and CCWS happen and the Surfer's Paradise round was dropped, A1GP picked it up.

 They never made it, as the owner of the series Tony Teixeira was unable to get his cars and equipment out of a London impound yard and the Nikon sponsored race at Surfer's was canceled 5 days before practice was to start.

 That was was eventually taken over by a V8 Supercars event that features usually Indy Car drivers sharing a car with V8 series regulars.

 I loved A1GP, it was a good idea that should return.

 Let Derrick Walker and Indycar know if you support this move -


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