Thursday, February 27, 2014

Knowing when your on the right track

  I love how people like to ignore things, especially in sports.  It just proves sports for many is an escape from the harsh realities in their lives. However that is no reason to suspend critical thought on issues of morality, fairness and criminal activities.

 It was recently reported that former team owner Greg Loles was convicted and faces 25 years in prison - which is just another in a series of White Collar Crimes that auto racing, specifically sports car racing covers up.

 When Greg was first arrested, it wasn't reported on the ALMS' own website. What that means of course is that as long as the bills and entry fees are paid it doesn't matter where it comes from or who is behind it.

 Did I mention since being arrested back in 

 Anybody remember "Solo Al" Al Solaroli (read all three parts) and the Porsche LMP2 that never was? What about John Field's tax issues?

 The list of White Collar crimes committed by these people is astounding. Americans want to be outraged by the nefarious activities of the six largest banking institutions in the country, yet let this sort of stuff slide and keep cheering, amazing.

 There's an even bigger fish in the Tudor United Sports Car Series. Ha, I was recently threaten with legal act for just mentioning this teams name and owner. For the time being I won't mention these people directly until I can get the legalese sorted out here. But I find his threat funny, much of what I am going to end up saying is already public knowledge....

 These are serious issues, because people get hurt by these actives, the least of which are the members of these race teams who support families of their own.

 Wouldn't you like the series you follow to be above board? 

  Site News - I know I keep saying changes are coming, but they are, so stay tuned its about to get really interesting around hurr.

 PS - Thanks to outlets like RACER that selectively report the news makes it hard to take them seriously.


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