Friday, November 1, 2013

Mike Hedlund echos what I have been saying about GTC/RolexGT/GT-D vs FIA GT3 (European Spec)

 Mike Hedlund has made a brilliant observation of the nonsense happening behind the scenes at Daytona Beach. Despite them, it looks like GT-D will hit its class limit (21), which of course makes no sense at all.

 I agree with Mike that if they were going to make the teams spend money on a new car anyway, why not FIA GT3 where the homologation is already set? All they would have to do is maybe slow the cars down a bit with an intake restrictor and rock hard tires.

 He also mention FIA GT3 cars look cooler, I agree -

 911 America (991)

The Euro spec GT3 997

 Since Porsche is a valued partner of both series before they merged, it shouldn't shocking what has transpired.

 So we have clipped Grand Am Spec GT3 cars to look forward too and half the field being Porsche Americans, fantastic! (Sarcasm).

 This month's test at Daytona should be very interesting....

 In the meantime you got Pirelli World Challenge to look forward too which will feature FIA GT3 cars next year including the current FIA GT3 Porsche GT3-R and likely the future 991 based car.

 PWC recently announced a new Pro-Am subclass in GT as its expected that factory involvement will get a major boost next season.

 If you really wanna see FIA GT3 cars in America, pay attention to the Pirelli World Challenge Championship.

 I see grid sizes in GT doubling....



  1. The images you are showing are of different generations of the car. So all comparison goes out the window. The 911 America is a Type 991 not Type 997 and there is now such thing as a "Euro Spec" GT3. Plus the lower "Euro Spec" car pictured is in fact a 997 GT3 RSR not a 991. Also the PWC will only be running the old generation 911 997 GT3 R which is no reflection of the new 991 which the GT3 America and GT3 RSR are based on.

  2. I get the models mixed up, honest mistake. But there IS a Euro spec, its the decontented car. At Sebring last weekend, all the Audi teams have what is basically a Audi R8 LMS Ultra without ABS or TCS and with a IMSA spec Rear Wing. That is a different spec than what will be run in Pirelli World Challenge and in both Blancpain Series.

    GT3 in Europe and in Pirelli World Challenge is the same FIA Spec which I am calling Euro spec because America think its special or something. But its actually corporate welfare, because Porsche does not have a Type 991 GT3 car yet.


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