Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just a blurb I've heard/saw, limited coverage so I'll do it!

Looks like Jaime Alguersuari is looking at an Indy Car seat next season with chassis builder Dallara keen to see him get a seat (pay for his seat?).

 Read about hurr

 I don't like calling these drivers "rejects" like some F1 elitist try to do. That is disrespectful to the highest degree. F1 is more about being in the right car, at the right place and right time in history. Just like it looks like Hamilton jumped shipped as he knew MCLAREN might be struggling with cars and with a new engine supplier (Honda) as the relationship with Mercedes had broken down.

 I find it interesting that Bumei took a seat at the Toyota LMP1 team and Hartley (former test driver as well) is in Grand Am (USRC).

 F1 is awfully crowded to get a good seat. With Mark Webber leaving to take the Porsche LMP1 seat (likely lead driver status as well), that leaves one quality seat open with all the current drivers being considered.

 Its pretty safe to assume no matter who wins GP2, GP3, any F3 series or World Series By Renault Championships, he will not get a front  line drive. 

 The last GP2 Champion to get a front line drive? Lewis Hamilton.... (MBZ teammate Nico Rosberg as well but who's counting?) 

 When I cover what's wrong with F1, that will be one of the main topics, stay tuned...

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