Sunday, April 28, 2013

GT Racing featured on You Tube

 Increasingly the internet, more specifically You Tube is quickly becoming the destination for high level sports car racing.

 Starting last season, the FIA GT1, European GT3 and Blancpain Endurance series were all live streamed on You Tube. However because of previous agreements say with Speed in America, the races were geo-blocked (IP address outside the local area are not accepted). 

 That is easily solved with a VPN and I will explain that in another post, I may have said that before but stick with me.

 International GT Open has moved to You Tube as well for live streaming. This makes sense and I have been saying this for years that if series want maximum exposure they need to be on the most popular video site in the world.

 Hint, Hint SCCA World Challenge....

 My podcast has been delayed as I take care of some other things, but look for it possibly in time for the Indy 500.

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