Tuesday, July 20, 2010

False Choices?

Are your choices on TV really only NASCAR, its other touring series and Indycar? If you followed Mainstream Media that would almost seem the case. There are other series out there. Better than Grand Am and better than all of NASCAR's lower series. If you're an oval purist you are visiting the wrong blog. I am not anti-Oval or anti-Stock cars, I just believe Sprint Cup is enough exposure to Ovals for a season.

Do you know about the FIA GT1 World Championship? I would be surprised if you did. Check out this video -

Did you know about its companion European GT3 Championship?

If your a supporter and fan of the American Le Mans Series like I am, you should be automatically a fan of this series. The GT1 series goes to some wonderful tracks and all its races are featured on the GT1TV web site. The GT3 series also has live streaming. But those aren't your only options, you both series are available on Bloomberg TV in the US. Check the calendar and your local listings.

I will be posting more and more in the days to come, you are not limited to the choices on Speed, Versus and ESPN.

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