Friday, October 12, 2012

2012 into 2013 More Changes Coming...

 For those of you that follow my blog which is not that many...  I will start to rebuild this site into the motorsport and auto enthusiast site I've always wanted and share with the world at large. I haven't really promoted this site in his current configuration because I didn't know how.

 But I have a firm idea what to do and when its up and running and hopefully generating some income I will share where I got the information.

 Of the new items that will appear here - 

 A serious podcast that I hope is better than people I already listen to; I'm looking at you RLM/Mid Week Motorsports. That will debut before the Long Beach GP

 Not just a focus on road racing, but general auto show coverage from my POV from oem auto shows to drifting, specific model/manufacturer meets, prove that Import/Sport Compact Drag Racing is not dead, etc, etc, etc.

 Also my love of all things that involve cars like R/C (1/10th scale) maybe some Off Road racing and Hot Wheels.

 Finally racing video games

 It will be a great site with tons of media. Stay tuned...


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