Monday, August 26, 2013

Serious Changes Coming!

I have been working on the layout of this thing for over a month.

Look for nice new look coming in Sept, but until then enjoy.

Currently I am working on two post and the second of my series of videos How we fix racing in North America.

One of the new post might cause some controversy as people really like to use sports as an escape for their personal problems and the world's problems. That however is totally impossible and very naive.

 That post will highlight how societies problems appear in motorsport for all those that want to look.

 A few nuggets -

  1. Why lack of diversity should be one of racing's biggest concerns
  2. How the widening income disparity could doom racing in the long term
I see the writing on the wall and unless we the fans and the track owners don't do something about it will be all over by the time I'm 60 (I'm 43).

 Update #1

 I can now confirm the next Let's Fix Motorsport in North America will also focus on the problems in Europe and in Australia. It will be a Live Google + Hangout, so if you're interested in attending, let me know.

 This means I may need to ramp up the other changes I need like the Twitter page for this site, Facebook fan page and all the associated graphics to with it for a "professional" look :)


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