Friday, July 8, 2011

More Web TV: International GT Open

The World never stands still and for those still stuck in the 1990's in terms of TV (Liner TV ie: Cable, Sat, Over The Air) more GT racing moves to the Internets...

International GT Open has a new web site just for the series and Web TV (Live/Replay Streaming) -

As I have said before, I watch 95% of my racing via the internet. Speed 2 would be the next best option, but having said that, its has limited reach currently, only four major carriers but they just added their largest one Dish Network - If you have a Dish Network DVR and its connected to the internet (this is key) than you'll have access.

Amazingly after almost three months off since Long Beach, there still some bitching from the ALMS fan base.

Streaming has never been problematic for me, especially since we switched to AT&T U-Verse. Always smooth as butter (unless its a technical problem with the web site). Even the latest updates to Internet Explorer 9 have improved streaming performance. There was a slight issue with dropped frames before but since Flash 10.3 and another update to IE9, is better than ever as I watched qualifying for the ALMS race at Lime Rock = Perfect

Other News and Opinions -

Now that I am done with A+ training, only thing left is to take the test which will happen around August. I will be adding a Windows Home Server to our network so I get started on learning how to admin a server and also great way to backup all my files and media. All the PC's on the network will have their own log-in and my Recorded TV content will be automatically archived to the server. I can finally get back some of the disk space that's been more than 80% full, which impacts disk performance.

I'm also going to upgrade the network to wireless N (802.11n) as its four/six times the speed of wireless B. This will improve data transfer between PC's and between all the PC's on the network and the server.

I find all this complaining about the ALMS streaming really funny. I am unemployed currently yet I can afford to make these upgrades. Not that expensive actually and even 25Mbps internet is not that expensive, especially if you aren't a big watcher of stuff on cable/pay tv. Even if you are, I will share my setup here soon, after I make the upgrades. Some people would like to think I'm on the cutting edge and I'm not.

When I show my setup you'll see that its not high end at all, but some smartly purchased items, usually discounted heavily or discontinued.

Until next time...

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